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For over a decade, Danford Works has provided best in class care for clients in New York City. 


We were founded as a physical therapy practice but quickly discovered that injury rehabilitation was just the beginning. We learned that by optimizing overall health, we helped our clients achieve goals such as running faster, preventing injuries and living more vibrantly every day. 

As we continued to provide well rounded care to our clients, our philosophy expanded beyond just physical therapy but to HEALTH OPTIMIZATION.


We now are able to help clients all over the world achieve their healthiest and most active lives through our DW experiences and 1:1 sessions both virtually and in-person.


Our passion is helping you to optimize your health through DW Experiences and 1:1 sessions. 


A DW Experience provides you with your personalized data. Then we work together in 1:1 sessions to take you from where you are to where you want to be! 


You can start your personal health optimiztion journey with a DW Experience or a 1:1 session - let’s do it! 




“I can’t say enough about the Danford Works team that Jane has built. Their knowledge, accessibility, and passion for helping others improve their health and lifestyle is both inspiring and an incredible gift. Thank you DW team! I’m actually going to miss my CGM.”
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